Fiona's Story


 I’m an apprentice company dancer under T.H.E Dance Company which I've been with for 9 months. Dance was not something I wanted to pursue since young, but it was a gradual growth of passion and love that led me to where I am today. I honestly feel very blessed that I get to do what I love as a career and livelihood. 


Well, there’s always a flip side to the story. I struggled a lot when I first came into the company, because I felt I had to change all of my old habits and the way I move. It’s almost as if I was changing my whole belief system in dance and everything was not in my grasp. Initially, I couldn’t see the light in things because of the constant pressure with external factors, self-doubt and fears. But I knew I had to change my perception of myself and the situation in order to overcome this. 


Just like anything and everything, dance was not an instantaneous progression. It needed lots of time, patience and belief in yourself. One prominent aspect to get through tough days for me is knowing that I’ll eventually reach a goal someday, not knowing when, but I’ll keep striving cause if I don’t start doing, it’ll never happen.



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