Janael's Story


Back in 2018, I just started out as an inpatient physiotherapist. I remember one of my patients, who wore self-knitted beanies that covered her bald head, had not moved out of bed for a long time due to the progression of her condition. The first time I helped her out of bed, we walked about 5m before she needed a rest. With a smile on her face, she said a soft “thank you”, for accompanying her to do what she used to be able to do before she met with end stage cancer. Walk.

Movement to me is more than just keeping healthy, or achieving that magazine approved body. It’s more than that. Movement is nature. Movement is empowerment. Movement is healing. Movement is whole. Movement is what you need to physically get out of bed, but movement can also make you WANT to get out of bed, especially when it is the hardest. Walking 5m may seem nothing to a healthy individual, but to a palliative patient, it can be the one thing that empowers them to strive on. I have learnt so much from these courageous fighters who keep pressing on when it gets painful, physically and emotionally. And I thank God that i have the opportunity to keep them moving, in body and in mind.

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