Kyra's story

The years 2017 and 2018 (when I was aged 13) were two of the darkest years in my life. To cut the long story short, I’d fallen victim to depression due to multiple unpleasant experiences and circumstances I was faced with at the time, the catalyst being a rather severe bullying incident that occurred in school. It’d take a whole book for me to elaborate all that happened during that period but believe me, it was absolutely tormenting. I started self harming during that period and tried to take my own life twice, ending up in the IMH where I was diagnosed with depression and mild anorexia.
When I first started BJJ, I’d train an hour 5 times a week and would come home completely beat from both school and trainings, finding that I didn’t even have the time to focus on the loud thoughts in my head or wallow in self pity. So in and out of the gym I was, channeling all the pain and emotions into this sport and in no time, I was on the competition mats participating in the sport on a competitive level. I had struggled a great deal in my first few competitions, of course, but with much perseverance, I was slowly getting the hang of things (though I still have so incredibly much to learn) and gained the support of brands that’ve helped push me further through my journey. I’d learnt so much through the sport, from determination to positivity to the importance of attitude.
Wellness in my eyes, involves the state of oneself both externally and internally. The only true determining factor of one’s wellness is the individual himself/herself.
When things inside you change, the things around you do the same. A happy person doesn’t go through any less than a melancholic one does. A happy person simply finds joy in things that the melancholic one overlooks. When faced with an adversity, find joy in the opportunity for self growth. Living can only be determined by growth, not stagnation or regression. How else can you live this life if you’re not constantly growing? Remember, you will never stop encountering challenges in life, but they too, like any other storm in the sky, will pass. It’s your choice to make a rainbow out of these storms.

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