Putri’s Story


Since young, I have always been viewed as someone that was easy to be picked on because of my bigger size and smaller build. Students in school would call weird names as I walked past them. I became a laughing matter among the crowds in school. I was clueless as to why they choose to pick on me but I assumed it was probably because they knew I would not actually voice out or stand up for myself. Life then was just passing by hoping for better days to come. I felt so vulnerable, alone & hopeless & I longed to stand up for myself some day. I finally gathered the courage to try out martial arts to learn basic self-defense skills.

Martial arts has given me so much— not just in terms of my self esteem as I lost 8kg in 6months, but the confidence of being able to defend myself and the strength, courage and valuable friendships I have found along the way. Being on the mat also helps me cope with my stress as I’m doing something that I love. With the support of the community from the gym, family and friends, I gathered the courage to compete in a few Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions!

I would like to express thanks to my coach Jason who journeyed and inspired me. I’ve always struggled to reach my potential but he has pushed me beyond my comfort zone! On top of him, I am thankful for all my Professors @fabiodamatajj @caricavonheld @alexsilva1010 @bismarck_ivan @gulijj @valdir9375 @ernovaes @brodinhoissa through my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu journey & a special thank you to my lovely friends Divya & Athirah!

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