Rachel’s Story


Having confidence in my body has always been a struggle for me. I am still learning to overcome this and I believe that many others are experiencing it too. At the peak of my struggle, I despised looking into the mirror and would avoid every reflective surface if possible. However, it is essential to utilise a mirror or recording to better improve the quality of the movements during dance. I then found myself stagnant and ‘handicapped’ which further affected my confidence. Furthermore, seeing others improving and feeling happy, I compared myself with them and yearned for that.

Even when I convinced myself at 16 that I was done with dance, I somehow still found my way back to it and joined a dance CCA in junior college. The community encouraged me and it was heartfelt . Even though the pressure of studying impacted me, I found myself looking forward to seeing my fellow dancers. I’ve made friends through dance and as an introvert, I’ve never been more thankful for that. Ironically, Dance has helped me to overcome my body image issues and confidence and played a big part in developing my personal beliefs and values.

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