Val's Story

When I was younger, I pursued fitness for a simple reason - I loved being active & wanted to learn every sport I possibly could: netball, handball, tennis, swimming, etc.. there was no sport I wouldn’t try. Today, fitness has become more than just a means to expend excess energy (which I have less of these days.. I thank adulting). It’s taught me the values of hard work, discipline, grit, integrity, and healthy competition. More significantly, it’s helped me reconnect with myself and find clarity through a beautiful, strong, supportive community.

I’ve never really shared this publicly, but when I left for Uni overseas, a cumulation of factors resulted in a conscious decision to withdraw from proactive socialising. I became uncomfortably reserved and channelled all my time toward excelling in academics. Consequently, I lost touch with fitness for over 3 years. While I achieved what I wanted to academically, I felt disconnected and lost. I genuinely missed the carefree, unwary, happy-go-lucky Val I seemed to have left back home and was worried that I’d never find her again. After coming home, I wanted to find clarity ASAP and resorted to fitness – what I knew gave me most happiness pre-“confused days”. It was scary at first - I was in my adulthood and it wasn’t as easy to open up to new people like it was in school – it was a hit & miss, and I overthought it a lot.

LSS, I found CrossFit. It gave me the avenue to meet likeminded individuals from different walks of life. Through exchanging personal stories (and moaning about the painful yet enjoyable training sessions) I started feeling more like myself again – I was happy, healthy, competitive, and learning to be open again. Above all, it’s gifted me some of the most unexpected and beautiful friendships I have today.

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