Yi Liang’s story

I’m a dancer and dance instructor. To me, dance is a lifestyle, a journey, an expression and a life saviour. It has accompanied me through the toughest and the happiest highlights of my life. It has brought many beautiful things, as well as transformed me into a better and more joyous human being.
Before I could appreciate dance and found its meaning, I was stuck in this dark hole of self doubt with constant self-depreciating thoughts. I could not see my worth and felt like I will never be enough. To protect my insecure self, I was detached from everything. Dance was all I had, and, actually, all I needed to get me out of this fearful phase. It saved me from being constantly depressed, it was the great source of my joy. Whenever I’m dancing, I feel like I’m in a conversation with the higher power and this is what drawn me deeper into this form of art.
Dance has shown me that there is no perfection or an “end” to this road, it has taught me about Oneness and Gratitude, where everything is connected and blessings are abundant. Hence, what truly matters is the journey that we should appreciate and trust, while constantly strive to be a better version of ourselves. It is about giving, spreading light to the people around us, and making the world smile a little brighter each day.


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