Who are we?


to renew in the mind
 become active or flourishing again


We started Revive&co with the mission to provide functional active wear that is suitable for all types of sports and activities. Our master plan, however, is to create a community for stories to be shared. What kind of stories, you may ask?

On a personal level, exercising has been one of the greatest blessing for us to overcome and cope with adversities. We believe that many people around the world have shared similar experiences and we encourage YOU to share your story so that others may be inspired. Share your story here.

The Shaka (Hang Loose) sign signifies our belief as a company - to always chill out even when the going gets tough & to revive again when hit with storms. We believe that exercising plays vital role in both our physical and mental well-being. Thus, we aim to bring awareness to that.

We aren't guaranteed a life of perfection or wellness, but our choices make us who we are and shape us into people we want to become. 

We're in this journey together! 

The Revive&co Team