Slow Folks Mat
Slow Folks Mat
Slow Folks Mat
Slow Folks Mat

Slow Folks Mat

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We've partnered with It Is Well, a local brand whose on a mission to create distinctive, personal fitness mats that inspire, equip and enable you further in your own wellness routines. Browse through our range of collections of different workout gear, and also choose a mat that matches your outfits! 

● High-quality​ suede-like material and rubber base
● Moisture-activated grip:​ Move freely and easy with a textured grip
surface, optimised for a slip-free wet grip
● Well-cushioned​: High-density rubber base for extra joint protection
and cushioned support
● Comes with a durable carrying strap.
Thickness​: 4.0 mm
Dimension​: 1830 x 610 mm

Inspired by the art of living slow, the illustration represents the slow and gentle process of working towards our goals. This piece aims to encourage you to be kind to yourself and see that the choice to be present outweighs the end result of perfection.

Slow Folks ​was created in collaboration with ​Slow Folks​, a self-taught illustrator based in Manila, Philippines. Her pursuit to live a more mindful life inspires her to continuously share the love and light in her work.

For optimal moisture-activated grip, we recommend a spritz of water on your mat before use. Wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth whenever needed and leave the mat to air dry completely after every session before keeping it.


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